Circle of Life Sentence Machine

Inspiration provided by Robert Patrick (paper plate possibilities) and Andrew Wright (paper with windows possibilities).

While proctoring a test and drifting into catatonic boredom, I thought back to Robert Patrick's use of paper plates. Those circles want to spin! Suddenly the thought popped into my head:

sketch of original idea.

When I got home, I tried it out. I cut out two circles from scrap paper and wrote:
"After I ____, I _______." on the bottom half. Then I cut out the two boxes.

Then I put the second circle underneath and pushed a pin through the center and into some cardboard. I asked my daughter what she did that day, then turned the bottom paper a bit and asked what she did next. I was able to fit 5 activities onto the wheel.

Amazingly, the first and last windows matched up. I had just sketched it without measuring or anything, so it was truly an Act of Providence.
Both daughters (9 yrs and 13 yrs) gave this a thumbs up.

The triangle over the first hole was for showing the time of day. It could also show a student's feelings about that activity.

© Thomas McCarthy MMIV